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“As you held my hand, you still hold my heart,
Though it breaks to pieces for us to part”

The most precious gift we have is life and having a beautiful piece of art that celebrates a life experienced is beyond measure.

I have had customers tell me they want to know the soul of the person they love and are about to lose is attached to the piece I am making for them. Taking a cast before farewells are spoken, leaves those who are grieving with a way to connect with their love. A permanent memorial of a loved one which can literally be held forever.

Loss occurs at all stages of life and it is felt by all those surrounding. The unbreakable bond between parents and their children, siblings and husband and wife. This bond can be replicated in many forms, garlands, hands holding, single hands and miniature charms. You never have to lose that precious hand.

At all times the casting process is handled with the upmost care, respect and dignity. Multiple moulds are taken to ensure the very best cast is used. The original plaster cast does not leave my possession until it is handed to you along with the finished piece.