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“When I held your hand and said ‘I do’,
My fairytale dream, at once, was true”

Great celebrations of joy are experienced infrequently throughout life yet their memory lingers and you can capture them in a beautiful handcrafted piece of art.

Celebrating an engagement, wedding, anniversary or the completion of a family? A 3D casting session creates a physical symbol of the vow undertaken and a permanent reminder of the bond shared tying us together in love, joy and laughter.


Clasped hands in bronze, glass, silver or plaster can take pride of place as a unique piece of art in your home or even as a beautiful everlasting cake topper which could be re-used over the years.


A family garland of hands is a wonderful way to celebrate the family bond, and can include every member of the family from 4 years old to the oldest. A beautiful keepsake of your family at a point in time.

Family or adult, joined or clasped hands as a beautiful sculpture also celebrates the bond between grandparents and grandchildren, husband and wife, mothers or fathers and their children and between siblings. The possibilities of combinations are completely unique to each family making each finished sculpture original and bespoke.