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Made for you to treasure your loved ones

As a new Mother myself, and pregnant with my second child, the challenges of childcare and the dreaded train journey became all too real. One day, heavily pregnant at a train station in London, I was told I couldn’t get home as the trains were cancelled. I panicked as no-one could pick up my daughter in time. That sense of desperation to get to my baby drove my decision to start my own business.

My journey began by completing my training with The Keepsake Association and launched my business. It was a match made in heaven appealing to both my creative and engineering genes – “Thank you Grandad Wall”. Through my training and first year in business as Cheekies Treasures, I developed a passion for 3D casting as the ultimate keepsake. I decided to specialise and expand my business in this area, servicing the baby, family, celebratory and memorial stages of life. It has become my true love, producing beautiful casts for others to treasure forever.


My service is completely bespoke and each piece is completely unique, as such each piece requires a specialist quote. There are a wide range of frames, finishes, plinths etc every element can be chosen to suit your interior décor and taste. In addition to my very popular metallic range for the stone casts I also work with Farrow & Ball in their full range to complement your home.


Using a well-known moulding material used by dentists to form impressions of teeth a negative is taken and a plaster cast is created with all the exact detail. For the plaster products these are then dried and finished to requirements.

For the bronze, silver and glass pieces a silicone mould is made and a wax cast created which is then sent to the respective foundries. It goes through a 300 year old process called “Lost Wax Casting” and your piece is created from this.

The 3D miniatures are cast in silver or gold using a similar process but also incorporate 3D printing.

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